Training at a nursing home/rehab… What questions to ask?

  1. Training at a nursing home/rehab… What questions to ask?

    So tomorrow is my third and final day of training at my new part-time job . I'll be working there every other weekend first shift starting this weekend.

    I've only worked in a nursing home for a few months and then switched to ALF so I'm a little nervous.

    what are some questions that you have learned to ask during your training? I know that once I'm on the floor I'll probably have 100 questions that I didn't think to ask during my training.
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  3. by   SyringaSings
    I am currently orienting in a LTC.Some of the questions Ive come up with thus far are

    Where are the policy and manuals

    The names and numbers/extensions of key

    Since you are going to be working weekends,find out which doctors have medical director/facility MD assignments in case you can't get hold of residents primary doc

    Who is responsible for ordering equipment/supplies?

    When does pharmacy deliver on the weekends and what is the cut off time for adding refill requests prior to their visit?

    What is the procedure for weather alerts,fire drills/alarms

    Get the phone number of whatever law enforcement agency the facility contacts.Hopefully you won't need it,but if you do it's better to have it on hand.

    What are the parameters for UAs?Are dipsticks and clean catches permissible or is straight cath collection expected?

    Do any residents routinely go LOA with family on the weekends?Knowing can help you plan your med pass/txs accordingly