to all the great nurses

  1. There ae so many knowledgeable, kind, caring nurses in practice. I see it every day as a staff nurse. Two weeks ago, I saw how truly wonderful nurses are from a different perspective. My teenage son had spinal surgery (hemi-laminectomy, discotomy.) The nurses were so wonderful to my son. I stayed overnight in his hospital room in a take-out couch and remember laughing outloud when his night nurse reattached his PAS stockings and nudged him to use his incentive spirometer. I was in a different environment, quite out of my comfort zone -- this was MY son. The hospital received a detailed exemplary evaluation from us -- if you can please a picky nurse mom than you can please ANYONE. To all the nurses out there who truly go the distance, God bless you. Don't let anyone tell you that you don't make a difference -- you made an enormous impact in my life and the life of my son.
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  3. by   nursenel
    I just want to publicly go on record, say a great big heartfelt THANKS to all you nurses out there that do your jobs !!!!! You know who you are!!!! There isn't enough THANK YOUS in our profession, so we must give each other kudos!!!!!!