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  1. What is the shortest and to the point method used to type raps for pps residents? It is difficult at times d/t I am so worried I am going to leave something out? Any help would be appreciated. Tex
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  3. by   Fran-RN
    hi,tex- remember that the raps are supposed to be a more indepth assessment of problems identifed in the original assessment. use the protocols for that particular rap, you can run through them pretty fast. ie, falls- resident at risk for falls due to past history of falls and on psychtropic meds (alprazolam). See psychotropic rap.Resident is recieving PT to improve balance and gait training., and safety awareness. Resident is on facility falls prevention program. will evaluate for inclusion in nursing restorative program . proceed to care plan, this is short and covers the issues that the protocols require.