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I saw a nasty stage IV PU at clinical this weekend. There was a lot of talk among the students about neglect in LTC causing this. Is it possible to get these huge ulcers despite 2 hour turning? I... Read More

  1. by   hippylady7211
    I agree with all of the posts. As I have worked long term care, we would send patients to the hospital with skin intact and return with pressure areas. In Kansas, it was the LTC facility that got the hit for the pressure area and not the hospitals.

    To many times we forget that there is nursing OUTSIDE of the hospitals and that if you are a nurse and don't work the hospital you must not be such a good nurse.

    LTC nurses are under paid and overworked and are up to their necks in paperwork and God forbid if your facility didn't pass a survey! However, these nurses are the best I have ever worked with.

    So, for all you students out there, if you want a great nursing education and rewards from your patients try LTC.

    By the way, I started in LTC as an aide and it gave me the idea that I wanted to be a nurse. Great place to learn your basics and be way ahead of the other students in training.