State Nurse Practice Acts

  1. Ever since I have gotten out of nursing school, I been meaning to look up my state's nurse practice acts. As I learned from school, they differ from state to state and they are important to practicing nurses for knowing your duties and scope of practice. My teachers stressed that it is in our best interest to obtain a copy of these acts in the state you practice in. When I received my Michigan RN license, I didn't get a copy or any literature about my state's nurse practice acts. How do I go about getting this info? Please help??
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  3. by   h.brook
    You might try contacting your state registration body - or - your state's professional body. These days most of these organizations have URL's so give the WWW a try. I've been able to get copies of practice standards from the net. I'm surprised that your school didn't have a contact point for you. Perhaps times have changed. Good luck

    Heather Brookwell-Reuber
  4. by   Doey
    Here's a website about nurse practice acts in various states;
    Hope this helps you out.
  5. by   Doey
    Sorry, I just realized that Michigan is not on the list of states available at the above website. I did try to search the state of Michigan website and was unable to come up with info. you're looking for. I think your best bet would be to contact the board of registration and request that they send you a copy of their nurse practice act. Sorry I wasn't able to help. Maybe someone else out there has some info. Good luck.