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Well, the heat is off, state is gone, and we passed survey. So much for the good ol' days. As soon as they exited the building and adm. was assured that we'd passed, the cut backs began. With... Read More

  1. by   LadyLurker
    Originally posted by nursenel
    Are you sure you don't work in the USA???? LOL Sounds all too familiar to me!!! Hoping you do well once back to work....
    Hey, some things don't change no matter what country you work in.

    Since this my SECOND time off with the tendonitis issue, I know exactly what makes it worse.... hunching over the desk, doing the hours of paperwork. Guess what I'm going back to?

    How many more years to retirement?
  2. by   SYDNEY
    Originally posted by LadyLurker

    Ahhh, Sydney.... you're singin' my song. *grin*

    I've worked nights in a LTC facility for over 18 years... and I know exactly what you're saying here. And do you feel "out of the loop" when it comes to inservices and staff meetings? I know I do.
    And then there are the times when new paperwork is introduced, and everyone but me has been shown how to process it.... and I'm expected to figure it out on my own.I've got a thousand stories... as I'm sure you do.
    out of the loop? Oh, yeah..and a lot of times not welcome to the party, it seems. I'm kind of the noc team mascott that tries to make it to most of the inservices regardless of their timing being the middle of my night, because I live close to the facility. - my supervisor won't get up to come to them, even. But the effects of doing that caught up with me the other day when I went to work without sleep..wasn't on top of my game and it showed. I like the shift, though. You get to act like a human with the residents instead of a robot, and that allows for a much closer relationship with them.
  3. by   SYDNEY
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by nursenel
    [B] Staff meetings???? Well you touched upon a sore spot for me. I work the mid noc shift and I'm expected to be in the building in the middle of the dat { my noc } to come in for some silly o2 inservice. let me tell ya with 28+ years in the health field, if I don't know how to put on a cannula, somebody is in BIG trouble!!!! We have inservices at least 4 times a month and in this state we also have to do 26 CEU's. Of course they are all done SEPERATELY...never dawns on any one that the place is a provider for CEU's and that all our little scramblings can just about fit the bill for CEU credits. And GOD don't miss an inservice!!!!!!! What happened to the age of technology where things can be video taped, taken home, watched, tested on and returned? Why does my facility have an internet site that they don't utilize???????? WHY am I rambling???? Must be the shift!!!

    lol..we did get them to have SOME inservices during our shift time; either at 930 p.m. or 630 p.m. We loved it..we were bright eyed and bushy tailed, and THEY looked like something the cat dragged in out of the rain for a change! We also have that mass inservice thing going on, and what frustrates us most is that most are irrelevant due to the way they are presented. IE photo sensitivity in the summer..a lot of good information could have been presented such as how certain drugs (and which ones) cause photo sensitivity. Instead it was about how going to the beach and roasting all day without lotion on can cause skin cancer. - Um, how many day trips to the beach does YOUR facility take?
    Meanwhile they ignore requests that cna's be inserviced on how to set and check a bed alarm to decrease unattended falls, updating CPR certification.. Its facility I worked in had mandatory inservices and non mandatory inservices..this place, they're ALL mandatory, without prioritizing importance. People get fed up with the goofy ones so don't come to any of them anymore because they have no way of determining which are important and which aren't.
  4. by   TealaJo
    I found some info on staffing in LTF's when I was researching this very issue at my (now) previous employment. In particular, I found a recent AHCA report on staffing in LTF's both heartening and discouraging. If interested, you can download the report from

    P.S. You'll need the Adobe Acrobat reader to open the file.