Silent alarms

  1. I was looking into finding some information on silent bedpad alarms and chair pad alarms. I know some other LTC facilities use them and my facility is talking about possibly making a change. I was asked to do some research on them. So my questions are: do you like the silent alarm systems as opposed to the audible alarms? Do you feel that they are as effective/more effective in alerting the staff that a resident is up and on the move or OOB? Have they improved your amount of falls? My administrator is also curious as to where they can be purchased and what are the preferred alarms/costs. Any information is greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   MarggoRita
    Our facility got rid of audible alarms years ago, we only use silent alarms. Not only do they alert staff just as well if not better than the audible alarms since it goes through the system and you do not need to be in earshot, but they also decrease stress and resident behaviors caused by all the noise of an audible alarm, not only for the resident in need of the alarm, but also for the roommate or neighbors who also must suffer through the noises every time someone shifts their weight. Audible alarms have actually been found to increase actual falls since the sound spooks the resident and possibly adds to loss of balance, not to mention the emotional disturbance, indignity, and depression associated with sounding alarms with movement of ones body.
  4. by   sfkramer
    Do you have any information on vendor/brand of the silent alarms you use? Are they door alarms or bed/wheelchair alarms? I am interested in the latter. Also, how does the silent alarm get transmitted to staff? By pager, iPhone? Thank you!!
  5. by   sfkramer
    Do you have any follow up information on silent alarms? Did your facility end of using them? If so, what vendor/brand? Thank you!!
  6. by   jdub6
    3 years after the OP i have never heard of this. Does anyone use them or have experience with them? How do they work and how effective do you think they are?Have you noticed a significant change in patient/resident/family feeling/satisfaction with the alarm system you're using?

    I'm very curious about this now. don't know how these work exactly. IMO one advantage of audible alarms is that any staff member and sometimes even visitors/volunteers near the patient is immediately alerted and can respond quickly. Even if they may not know the individual is unsafe to walk they will know to assist upon hearing the alarm. in LTC I've seen other residents get used to reminding the patient (some "reminders" gentler than others!) to get back in bed or sit down, and sometimes they inform staff that Bill is restless-again-upon hearing the alarm. This, instead of the assigned aid/nurse being alerted while far away or in the middle of uninterruptable patient care (i imagine the silent alarms might work something like that?).

    I've also seen LTC residents physically attack others who are loud including frequent alarm offenders though so i definitely think it could be great if a good system was created.