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I am a new grad LPN applying for first position as a nurse.....have been offered 11p-7a position...I would be the only nurse with 60 residents and 2 CNA's....Should a new grad without experience work... Read More

  1. by   reylem
    We should not allow this to happen because if we continue to tolerate being taking advantage of by employers, it will continue to happen. An RN should always be present in the facility 24 hours. If this is not happening in your facility, you can very well call the State about this.
    Yes you need the experience but no you should not subject yourself to a situation wherein you are liable to lose your license at the early stage of your career.
  2. by   grandmanurse1
    In Florida, an RN only has to be in the facility 8 hours a day. Therefore, calling any state agency is not an option since no law has been violated. I do not recommend a new nurse work 11-7. In the facility where I work, it would not be allowed.
  3. by   myst
    Congratulations on graduation and passing your boards! Welcome to the wild world of Nursing. Now, run, don't walk from that job they offered you! I'm sure you did very well in your schooling but there is no replacement for good old fashioned experience. Please, think about putting in at least one year on a general medical surgical floor in your local hospital to get some solid experience behind you...then you'll probably be ok.
    Best of Luck and Congrats again.