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  1. Has anyone used Point Click Care??
    Any problems or advantages anyone has noticed?
    The LTC facility I work at is starting this program very soon and I was just wondering what to expect.
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  3. by   Inquisitive one
    What is Point Click Care? Please explain. Thanks
  4. by   Paulette RN
    I have used Point Click. It is a computerized charting system. Personally I really liked it. It took some getting used to especially for those that did not have computer experience. But even the "seasoned" veterans were soon on board. It is relatively user friendly. For the front line staff it was great as you could access everything from charting to vitals to contact info. We had not utilized it to its fullest as I understand that you can also have med info and drs orders. The care plans were easy to use but a little onerous to initiate. Updates were easier. It can flags those that are due and those that are overdue.
    On the downside, I understand that it is expensive, as you cannot own the software but rather pay a monthly sum per resident. Also, in our experience, tech help was not always quick on the draw.
    You still have to have your paper charts for when the system is down.
    Overall, we found it made our jobs easier.
    Hope that helps some.
  5. by   nursenikki928
    we stared using point click last week. we started by inputing all of our physicians orders and will begin using the program march 1st. we will be using it for charting, mars, tars, physicians orders, physicians progress notes, nurses notes, mds, and care plans. it has been a lot of work to input all of the information but is going to be really great when it is all set up.
  6. by   Paulette RN
    It is labor intensive at first isn't it, but worth it. What sector do you work in?
  7. by   nursenikki928
    I work at a 116 bed facility and I am the MDS coordinator. About 7 of us were trained to input all the information. At first it took about 4 hours to do each patient but after a couple days it took about an hour depending on how many meds or treatments the person had. We only had about 10 days to get everything into the system. Everyone is really excited about using it. From what I have seen of it, it is very user friendly and is going to help out a lot.
  8. by   flor2
    Hi Nursenikki928-Regarding your posting re:Point Click Care. The corp. I work for in Southern On., has long been using PCC(Point Click Care) in its' LTC facilities. I, personally developed a more friendly teaching/quick reference guide for my RNs/RPNs in my prior position as ADON, but generally PCC is one of the most user friendly program for front line staff, I've used.
    The more comfortable you are using the computer, the easier it will be. You won't be going it alone, as I've found that the employer/along with PCC, will be there to support you.
    Using all aspects of the PCC program, along with your nursing skills of assessment/observation and documentation PCC can improve your funding base in the long term.
    So, don't be afraid, be patient with yourself. PCC is another nursing tool, for the LTC industry for our piece of the funding monies.:wink2: