Nursing Summaries - page 2

I would like to know how often you have to fill out your Nuring Summary for your residents. We have been filling out weekly for each resident and on both 12 hour shifts because residents act... Read More

  1. by   dieseldycke
    is there anything such as federal or state regulations that mandates nursing facilities or LTC or SNF to accomplish weekly or monthly summaries??? Likewise, does the state surveys ever cite any facility for non-compliance regarding weekly or monthly summaries??? My main point is, what is the exact purpose of or what do we target for doing those summaries??? whats happening in most places ive worked, that these summaries, those nurses doing it with all their might, usually they base it on MDS, the fact is... we should document to strengthen the MDS, to add documents with what the MDS bills the patient payors, but not just doing it as replica of whats been done... and more often than not, it can result to citation because of discrepancies...
  2. by   nana74
    Thanks for ally your help. I sure needed it.