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  1. I am a graduate student gerontology program who is interested in the viewpoints of all front line workers in health care of the aged. I consider the internet as a vital important resource for researching many issues. One of my cohorts, a nurse by profession, is about to embark on research about issues that impact older nurses, 50 to 70 years of age. I recommended the use of the internet sites that may lend themselves to survey type research. The nurse wants to buy mailing lists that cost about $300 and up. Do you think that the internet lends itself to older nurses? My fellow grad student doesn't think older nurses would use the computer, or have computer savvy. And I think it is a mute point. What do you think? Are there older nurses who do not want anything to do with technological innovations, even something as basic as the web?
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  3. by   Linda metzler
    Dear Tom,
    I am an older nurse who uses the computer daily in my job at a long term care facility. Not only do I find computers & the internet extremely valuable but have help institute use of both in oour facility. The internet has become the method of choice in our facility to obtain CEU's specific to our needs. Long term care has become computerized in most facilities not by choice but by regulation. Fortunately, our management was foresighted enough to take on technology a few years before the government made it mandatory. Needless to say, most of my nurses hate to use pen & paper-it's not organized, it's not easily retrievable, it's cumbersome. We rely heavily on computerization. Older nurses can learn & do enjoy computers.

    Linda Metzler
  4. by   Judy T
    Dear Tom,
    I believe I fall into your category. I have been in Inservice Education for 13 years at a 120 bed LTC facility in New York. About two years ago our facility computerized for doing MDS's and I was fortunate enough to get my own PC and also access to the internet as my administrator knew of my interest in this. I am 50 and use the computer frequently at work to do my paperwork and also as a database for several areas. I would be lost without my internet access as I use it daily to do research both for my work and to help others. Often people come to me with unusual situations with themselves or their families and ask for information. I feel justified as a part of general employee wellness to help them. I don't know if age is a problem, I see both young and old resist the computer. It's usually the ones who won't even set the date on their VCR that aren't interested. This is a very general reply, but if there were specific questions I could respond to, please ask. Good Luck. Judy