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  1. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.
    My name is Selena Gobert. I am a Registered Nurse working for a Consulting firm. We primarily review Medicare MDS's for facilities and assist with maximizing reimbursement. We train facilities and staff on how to code and maximize the MDS reimbursement.
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  3. by   Tiiki
    Welcome Selena!! You didn't say what your background is, i.e. nursing wise. I'm an ER nurse. Love the place, love the pace.

  4. by   Selena Gobert
    I put it into my profile, didn't think about that.
    I got my nursing license in 1994. I have worked 1 year in the hospital, one year home health, 6 years in LTC and 1+ years as an RN consultant.
    I like being on the flip side of LTC, but sometimes I sure do miss the nursing homes.
  5. by   jevans
    Hello Selina
    Welcome to Geriatric nursing although in the Uk we call it working with older adults.
    I'm not with a nursing home or a unit specialising in the older adult but a stroke unit SOOOOOOOOOO most of our patients do fit into that category
    Here we have intergrated units whereby all adults are admitted. Does break up the slog though and it's even benificial to patients progress

    Again welcome, hope to read more
  6. by   Selena Gobert
    Thank you. At least you can't get settled into one routine. Always excitement or something different.