New RN curious about AL...

  1. Hello everyone, I just passed my NCLEX-RN first try and started looking for a Nursing job yesterday. I want to know if AL is the same as Long-term care , convalescent, or short-term care facilities. I am quite confused.

    I spoke to one Nurse Recruiter today and she said that since I have no recent experience in Nursing since I finished college years ago, it would benefit me and beef up my background if I work in a facilily or Nursing Home for 6 months Then, apply in a new grad program in a hospital. I have been working in Pharmaceutical sales since now this is very frustrating coz all I want now is to work as an NICU nurse.

    Please give me some suggestions or any background about working in facilities. How can I make in a facility in the Los Angeles area? Thank you very much.

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    Also, does any of you know a very good AL or LTC in the Los Angeles or greater LA area? Thank you.