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  1. Would like to hear feed back from any MDS coordinators that are using this new form. Of course available just for 2 days. We use Monette system. It has been updated. When I went in to do a 5 day, it was automatically the shortened form. it was not difficult to do, but it was unusal not to check off dieases, and other things that were commonly do for a 5 day. Our social worker puts in the face sheet, section;s down to start of cognitive on all of the long term admissions, 5 days only. We put in our own assessment dates for the 14 day, since she can't figure this out. I called her and asked her if she knew what she was doing when the ? popped up to use a short form, she was in another ozone. She said I didn't know what that was so I just hit what was familiar for her, but it still came up shortened form. I suggested she realize that there was a change to our system and needs to get familiar quick. Anyway, I have not done any 14 days yet, but the LPN that does MDS work part time was asked today whether she wanted the short form or other when putting in her dates. I did not have any pat answer's as of yet for her. She was anxious to jump into the short form. I stopped her and told her until I had a chance to review the patient and other info r/t the shortened form, that we will continue to do our 14 day full admission/rap assessments. Any input from anyone? Thanks Tex
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  3. by   bandaidexpert
    tex, we have not been authorized in FL to use short form yet. I use AAOD program. I am getting mixed feelings from those who have "test drove" it. I understand you have to choose, if you decide to use this form, you have to use it for all 5 day PPS assessments. You can't switch backa nd forth. Have you heard this?

  4. by   Catsrule16
    Which ever assessment you chose to complete as the initial PPS and OBRA combined assessment, 5 or 14 day (the assessment with RAPS), has to be the full form. Any PPS assessments completed after that may be the MPAF. Unless your State agency or FI requires you to use the MPAF, the form is optional. Your software should give you the option to chose which form to use. Good Luck!
  5. by   tex
    Thanks for your response. As soon as I am able, I need to have a 1-1 w/S.S. to know what she is doing when she puts in the computor our inital info on a new patient. We will be doing the full raps on the 14 day w/ c/p. Tex
  6. by   bandaidexpert
    I spoke to the automation expert at CMS today. The MPAF is being put on hold in FL. Until they work all the bugs out. I am not sure if this is nationwide or not. Might be worth it to check it out in your state.