New grad in LTC

  1. Hello everyone. I'm a new grad taking my first
    job at a nursing home working the 11p-7a shift.
    I would like to know what to expect my duties/responsibilites
    will be on a unit with a LPN and NA's.
    Thank you
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  3. by   pietem
    Sent you an email. Hope you take my advice. Great field to be in!!!
  4. by   gottaloveit
    You should have been given a job description
    that will outline the basics of your job expectations. I would ask for a CNA job description as well. Remember this only outlines the basic essentials of the job and every facility individualizes their expectations. Everything is covered under that lovely little sentence "Other duties as assigned." Review your OBRA guidelines and anything that maybe on a state level. You may also want to consider taking a seminar on how to discipline people. Good luck!

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  5. by   susan brown
    I am really happy that you have taken the plunge into LTC. Nights in our facility seem to bring out those residents who are truley afraid of dying are scared and cannot express this anxiety for one reason or another. You will find this most rewarding if you are able to hold a hand, comfort , and yes, pray with those who have the spiritual need. Set an example to the CNA and LPN staff by being friendly, but not best buds, open, listen to their frustrations, and pitch in when you can. Call offs won't usually be a big problem for you to handle, as the day shift can usually readjust, or there will be staff who are off that you can call in. I usually assign my night shift nurse a lot of tracking to do for my statistics and like to show them that I regard them as a vital part of the staff. Maske sure your DON knows that you are willing to participate in any administrative tasks. Good luck
  6. by   MedicGA
    I am also a new grad working in LTC. I haven't started yet, but graduate June 16. I would really appreciate any advise that any of you veteran nurses could give me about how to succeed in LTC.
  7. by   sly3274
    Hi! How much is your starting salary as a new grad nurse? And when will you be taking your board exams? Good luck to you!
  8. by   sly3274
    Is there a night deferrential incentives for working in a night shift?