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Besides being the MDS cordinator, I also transmit to the state weekly our records. Yesterday as I was transmitting to the state, I found from May of 2001, 7 annuals and a bevey of quarterlys were not... Read More

  1. by   GeorgieGirl
    (cont'd) (I didn't mean to end there!) --learned the hard way not to rely on our software to let me know when an MDS is due, has been completed, or has been submitted. I use a system of index cards (each 'R' has a card). When the MDS is opened, it is noted on the card & the card is flagged. After the MDS is submitted AND accepted (I have the validation report), I highlight the entry. Works great, I also note disch. & readm. trackers. Have caught many an error using this system.
  2. by   tex
    My system is simplitic also. When I transmit to the state, I encompass 6 weeks total, 1 of the weeks is the new transmit, I pick up alot of d/c tracking that have not been done by our social worker. Then each resident that is on PPs, has a sheet of paper that states when the 5/14/30 and so on is due. As they are transmitted to state I take a blue marker and make a strike through what was accepted and sent. You can't trust the MDS history when you want to review, it will show something was sent by doesn't represent if it was rejected. Just shows it was sent and what the date was that it was sent. Anyway, my system may be primitive but I am a visual person, and it works for me. Also on the sheets that are made for q resident, when I do a 5/ 14/ etc. I write on the particular line, how many minutes each displine had, so when I go to double check my minutes I can compare that to what was in the master log book in the therapy dept. instead of pulling each MDS up on my screen. Tex