MDS coordinators beware......

  1. Are you all aware that CMS is now sending the survey teams to the same seminars and conferences we go to? The GAO feels the surveyors don't focus on the MDS enough, so they have decided to make them as smart as we are in the RAI process. I just went to a refresher course in Orlando, there were 9 surveyors there!!! I know we all know what we are doing but......
    any comments?
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  3. by   tex
    Bandaidexpert........You are on the money!!! The last seminar I went to, I sat with 4 surveyors and there were at least 4 more in the room.........3 of them were new, and had been on the side of the fence we are all on now. They have some valuable advise, even w/o experience. I had an opportunity to take my breaks with them, and just listening was amazing.....Tex Was the refresher course provided by the state? Because that was what I went to and the first time I went last year I had only done MDS for 3 months, I went this year again (it was intended for beginners) but I walked away with tons of insite/knowledge.
  4. by   Catsrule16
    Some of us surveyors were MDS coordinators at one time. Since the QI's are MDS driven, shouldn't surveyors also have an understanding of the process as well? Last training session I went to while on the provider side of the process was given by the state survey agency, afterall, that is where the state RAI coordinator is. Don't you want the surveyors on the same playing field as you? Isn't the resident the ultimate focus area? If the surveyors don't know the process, how can they be sure you are coding the resident accurately. Surveyors aren't just nurses. I work with 2 dietitians, 2 social workers, and a pharmacist. Many of the surveyors never worked in long term care before. Some states use activity professionals, therapists and doctors as surveyors. Can you really expect someone to scutinize MDS's without some knowledge of the process? We need to welcome those seeking knowledge in the process. Maybe they will be a little more sympathetic to the overworked, underpaid, taken for granted, MDS coordinator.
  5. by   Fran-RN
    you said it , Catsrule 16.
  6. by   bandaidexpert are absolutely right. It's just a little scary. And it will take some getting used to. I didn't mean for it to sound too negative. I have always considered the survey process a learning experience and have used it to my advantage. I guess I am used to being in the hot seat at every survey. Thanks for bringing me back to reality.