LTC Facilities in Omaha

  1. Can anyone recommend any reputable ltc facilities in the Omaha area? We've just moved here, and are seeking a placement for an elderly aunt in need of intermediate care. Thanks so much!
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  3. by   shopgal
    I'm not sure the name of the nursing home, but the company is Vetter Health Services and they are a wonderful company to work for. I worked for one in Norfolk, NE and I loved it and I directed my friend Jess in that direction and it turns out that they just built a new one in Omaha, I'm sorry that I can't remember the name. All of his facilities are Heritage of something, though, I worked for Heritage of Bel Air in Norfolk. But the facilities are all beautiful and great to work for and I think that they are at the top of the pay scale, my friend Jess started as an LPN there at $13 or $14 an hour. I'll find out the name and post back to you.
  4. by   Jolie
    Thanks for your reply! I PM'd you.
  5. by   flashpoint
    I've worked for two Vetter facilities and they both treated their employees like GOLD. Nice benefits, better pay than most surrounding LTCs, and they just do nice little extras like providing snacks, treats for holidays and nurses week, etc... There is one in Omaha that the woman who used to run one that I worked for is now the administrator of and she is just awesome...fair, sensible, and really knows her stuff. Not really sure if she is still there, but she is too young to retire and I can't imagine her working anywhere else!

    BTW...Not all of their facilities are Heritage, although a lot of them are...I beleive the one in Grand Island is "Tiffany Square" and the one in Alliance is "Highland Park."