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  1. i am a director of nursing in a long term care facility.. i have to tell you that that would not be allowed in my facility.. i hope that your experience is the exception and not the rule... there are many times that i have worked from 6am to 6pm and come back at 2 or 3 am because we were short.... i have pushed a cart and done treatments.. i do hope that this is the rule.. not the exception.. you had a terrible experience and i am glad that you reported it it.... that is abuse and neglect and should be reported.. the don should be fired for her actions or lack thereof as well as the administrator if he allows such practices to go on about him/her.. i have heard the horror stories but.. i can tell you you won't find them in my facility.. we do not use agency nurses..rather i pay bonuses to my staff or work myself if that be the case..we have brand new nurses fresh out of school which is great.. please..anyone .. contact me with icq.. aol or msn.. i invite you all to come and see that there are good facilities out there..and eddy.. sorry your experience was such a bad one.. hopefully you won't have another like that...
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