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I know that I have been ranting a lot lately about the new owners of my facility. Today, they posted a memo that says that from now on that employees were not going to be paid for our 30 minute... Read More

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    where I work we are scheduled 8 hour days with a paid lunch and 2 breaks included. But here's the clicher the 15 minutes before and how ever long it takes to finish up after and do our charting we don't get paid for. Sometimes it's a half hour to 45 minutes I spend extra just finishing up or answering a call light at the last minute before the next shift comes in. Also if we're expecting to not finish on time we have to tell the don roughly 2 hours ahead at 7 or 8 oclock. Otherwise we stay and don't get paid. At walmart I had 8 and a half hour days and lunch was unpaid. But I got paid from the time I clocked in until the time I clocked out, a dollar more on sundays, and a shift differential on weekends if I closed the deli there.
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    i followed the link but didnt see the story you were referring to. cool link. however i did send and email to arnold about my recommendation for the licensed nurse to patient ratio in nursing homes.
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