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  1. I sit here several times a week and thoughts that have been posted. I continue to read about the shortage of LN and NAC's and the underpayment for the job they do.
    I express to my co-workers and peers when will this change. When will someone recognize LTC for the work they do? When will the government see and understand how they are providing for the elders of America?
    I have been in LTC since 1983. I stated out in housekeeping and then a NAC and now an RN. I have seen many changes. OBRA did allow us to see that not all residents needed to be tied up and drugged. OBRA did raise the standards, but did raise the wages or the amount of workers it takes to provide the care that is needed to stay in compliance with all these regulations.
    Every day I find myself as a DNS, reasoning with GOOD, CARING, LOVING, NAC who are over worked, burned out, tired of the abuse the government allows to be focused on them, why they should continue in this line of work. I must say each day it gets harder and harder to find rational reason to continue in this line of work.
    We all must admit none of us are in it for the money...we are in LTC cause we truly deeply care, but why are we one of the lowest paying professions?
    I have never understood why NAC can go to a fast food change and make better wages.
    Isn't this wrong? We are not doing this because it is "just a job" we are doing this because we want to make a difference in someone's life. We are providing life, but getting paid less and more regulations and more sets of eyes looking down on us than someone flipping a hamburger. ISN'T THIS WRONG?
    There has to be some way that we can all stand together and make the government listens. I sit here this morning reading comments again and wonder if Gannett Associations has ever looked at this web site? Has the government ever looked at this web site? Has CFO's of nursing home chains has ever looked at this site?
    I would like some feed back and others thoughts.
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