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  1. Hi,
    I'm a staff nurse in a nursing home in Belfast, looking for like minded individuals with a passion for the Eden Alternative for brainstorming. I love my work but hate the managements constant grip on the purse strings. Would love to speak to someone from the USofA who works in an edenised home - oh how I long to be you! WE WORK IN THE BEST CARE ENVIRONMENT! WELL DONE TO ALL YOU NURSING HOME NURSES WHO TRULY MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
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  3. by   Danianne
    I am from canada but the facility is a EDEN facility. It is great! Some people don't think that it works BUT I know it does. PM and I will give you some ideas that won't cost the managers more money and may even save hem some
  4. by   marjoriemac
    I envy all those who work in an Eden home. In the UK we are so stuffy about change, nobody wants to embrace it and our elderly do not get the care and respect they deserve. The home I used to work in was run by nuns and there was a dog and plenty of plants and spiritual care but not enough social care. Now I work for a large corporation who are allergic to spending money. They won't even buy aprons and paper if we use 'too much'. We have a selection of budgies but we need to progress. Most people over here have not even heard of the Eden Alternative, they dedicate their education to what is happening in the UK only.