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  1. Hello fellow Nurses,
    I am a Nurse who works in Product Management for a large software company. Our software specializes in Clinical and Financial applications for LTC. I am, primarily, responsible for specific clinical applications which includes our Physician's Orders package. I would like to elicit your feedback on the question below:

    Upon entering an order in our software, we allow for a 'print out' of that order(s). What would YOU (as Nurses) say would be the 'title' for this paper document (order)?
    Keep in mind that our Monthly Physician's Orders document is titled, "Physician Orders" (this request came from a User Group meeting)...and we feel it would be far less confusing to have a seperate naming convention for the order(s) that print out upon saving the order. That is where I would like your feedback.

    Also, I would like to utilize this web forum as a 'sounding board', if you will, for other questions that I (we) may, if I post other questions, I would GREATLY appreciate any and all Clinical feedback...

    Thank You,
    Nurse/Product Analyst
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  3. by   Kimmyjc
    I'm not sure I understand what you need the individual physicians order printed out for, but I see where the title could get confusing. I don't know if Physicians Orders and Monthly Physician Orders would be any clearer or if Provider Orders or Doctors Orders would be better for the single orders? If I think of anything I'll post again.
  4. by   beech
    the title for the printout could be "Interim Orders" (between monthly orders).
  5. by   squaw nurse
    I like the name "Interim Orders" also. But what in the world would you do with them?? Could they possibly be used as a phone order form with a signature line?