I'm new in this profession and would like to be better than I think I can be

  1. help I feel I'm being led astray
    i was train @panola college in marshall tx and more to monroe wisconsin a few months later. found what a thought was the ideal cna starter job in assisted living thinking i would learn alot by working with those who been working in this feild longer than i. That was in August, sence then i've found that this particular facility may have 7 or more residents with only one staff member on duty and team work is almost forin. I was also told that my employer should of provide me with the means to have my license transfered at the time of employment. And now it maybe inposible to get into a better job cause i may have to take the course all over. That would be so bad if the school wasn't an hour drive and i had a car.... :imbar
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