1. I am a senior nsg student and am working on a project for my seminar class, if any of you (RNs of LTCF, DONs of LTCF, or geriatric NPs) could help me by answering the following questions I would really appreciate it!

    1. what do you do in this job?
    2.What did you do yesterday?
    3. How do you like this job? What is the best thing about it? What do you like least? How long have you done it? How long do you intend to stay?
    4. What would you say are the 2 biggest issues for nurses engaged in this role? Please explain why they are so important,
    5. Is QOL of your patients an important concer? Please expain.
    6. Is the use of unlicensed personnel a concern to you? Please explain.

    thankyou again
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