Geriatric Simulators

  1. I was wondering if anybody had any opinions about training for geriatric nursing using manikins/simulators. I came across a funny news story about a grandma manikin that looks creepily realistic (Cops Smash Window To Rescue A ’Frozen’ Grandma And Get A Disturbing Surprise | LifeDaily ), but I haven't heard of anybody actually using them.

    I know these things tend to be pretty expensive, so I have a hard time believing that it'd be worth my department having a whole other simulator just for geriatrics if we already have an adult simulator. Do you guys think that there are uses for a dedicated geriatric simulator/manikin? What would make them so much better than just putting a gray wig on one of our Sim Man simulators and running a scenario that emulates an elderly patient?
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  3. by   GrandmaSqueak
    I'm not sure the expense would be worth it.
    Looking at the article, I was thinking he put her in the front seat so he could use the carpool lane.....
  4. by   purplegal
    I don't see what you could do with one of those that you couldn't do with a regular manikin. Personally I would not care for practicing on a manikin that looks so realistic (not sure why, other than it looks disturbing). Save the money for something else like enough supplies for actual patients and enough staff to care for those real patients.