Falls and incident reports in LTC - page 3

:uhoh21: Many nurses in LTC tell me that they don't have time to fill out incident reports each time a patient falls. What about you? Do you always fill out an incident report when a patient falls?... Read More

  1. by   cindyjean
    Yes..always . Unfortunately, ours is a 6 page form even an investigative officer would groan out load about..but it is an absolute necessity to be done.. No matter how long it takes nor how small the incident is. As a busy nurse I just cringe if a CNA comes to tell me about a small skin tear the patient got brushing against a door..or a patient strikes out at someone and so forth..all incidents have to be reported..some immediately to our state within 24 hours, for example a hip fracture
  2. by   sd90mac
    I can relate. As the risk manager, it is my job to do the investigation. 20 pages later, and statements from all staff involved, we have to determne if it is an adverse incident or not. That's the tricky part. We also have to determine if an employee is at fault or not. That is why all staff is required to check for all safety devices, alarms, etc. and make sure they are in place. I hate to have to talk to a nurse or CNA and question them about what happened. I always tell them to rreport any incident immediatlly and I'll fight for them, but if they don't and try to hide it, I cannot help them. Many are learning I mean what I say. They have stopped complaining about having to write statements and coming in to speak with us. I make sure Human Resources is involved in all discussions for the employees sake and mine. Our incident report is 3 pages, but the initial investigation I do is 3 pages or more. I am teaching the nurses to write everything they can think of, floor wet or dry, shoes on or barefoot, any obstructions, was the safety device on correctly or not on, anything that can help with the investigation. They are beginning to get the message.