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  1. I am looking for anyone out there that is using computers to do charting, ans has a user defined field for Medicare charting. By this I mean, you may have an area for charting notes on the page, but there are drop down boxes, areas where you check off pertinent information, and the like.

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    x DOE

    We are chaging to a user defined charting on the computer, and by this I mean we create the form that has the pertinent information(We are the user, defining the fields we want to chart on) that we want in the chart. We are specifically looking for charting that is great for Medicare. I already got great information from CapeCodMermaid, where she sent the form that denotes what is pertinent. Now I am hoping to not re-invent the wheel, and see what someone else is using for this type of charting.

    Any help, or a lead is appreciated.

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