Duties of a LTC charge Nurse

  1. I've been asked to do a presentation on duties of a LTC charge nurse. I was wondering if anyone had some info I could use. I would really rather no invent a presentationif someone has something I could borrow and edit!:spin:
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  3. by   OklaLPN
    If you will pm me, I will try to help you.

  4. by   trixie92508
    Aloha! I worked in LTC as a charge RN for 1 yr on Oahu. The following were my duties:
    1) Assess unstable patients and make sure appropriate care is given
    2) Assist staff nurse with skilled treatments
    3) Report to MD/NP any changes in pt conditions, abn lab values, etc.
    4) Report to family members of patients
    5) Supervise 2 staff nurses (RN/LPN), 8 CNAs
    6) Admissions and discharges
    7) Incident reports
    8) Counsel employees
    9) Orientate new employees
    10) Facilitate emergency care
    Hope that helps. Good luck with your presentation
  5. by   L&DOBWANNABE2007
    These were my duties as a LPN at a LTC facility. I hope it helps!
    • Administered routine and PRN medications via all routes, including IV, g/t, NG. (lots of meds!) 35 patients with at least 8-10 meds each.-We do start IV's! Many families do not wish to have their families sent to the hospital. Many residents return from the hospital with PICC lines and recieve their IV therapy at the nursing home.
    • Supervised and directed C.N.A. staff.
    • Performed all respiratory treatments, wound/incision care, catheter and tracheostomy care.
    • Completed thorough assessments, vital signs and care received
    • Documentation of Nursing weekly summaries, medicare skilled list charting, acute charting! ALOT OF DOCUMENTATION!
    • Admissions and Discharges
    • Assisted the CNA's-we are usually short staffed!
    • Notified the Dr./NP of any changes
    • Filled out incident reports
    • I could go on and on...Nursing homes aren't what they used to be with the shortened hospital stays. Nurses can accumulate many skills similar to a med surg unit in a LTC facility, now termed ECF (extended care facility)
    • LTC nurses save lives too! :spin: