Do the state inspectors ever show up on noc shift? - page 4

I have seen state inspectors show up on day and eve shifts. Has anyone ever heard of the state showing up on noc shift to do an inspection? Thanks... Read More

  1. by   merricat
    i have heard that if one does a single transfer without a gaitbelt (arizona) they recommend your termination!
  2. by   Catsrule16
    As the info under my username implies, I am a State Surveyor. I have been known to enter a facility at 10:30 PM for a complaint investigation and stay till 2:00 AM to return at 9:00 AM. I've gone in on a sunday at 9:30 AM and extended a survey through a weekend because things weren't going well. The President's initiative set forth that in motion. 10% of a state's surveys are to be "off hours" surveys. Even had the federal surveyors enter with us at midnight.
  3. by   merricat
    wow-- it is so nice to hear from someone with some facts on the matter. there is so much to know about all of this. i have not come across this issue before, but can residents refuse a body buddy? i always thought they were doctor ordered restraints, just like bed alarms, and could not be refused. i understand if you are too busy to answer. and also if resident has bed alarm-- do the bed rails have to be up? we have residents who have alarms but who still want bed rails down once in a while. they sign a release but it seems to me if they sign it they can revoke it.
  4. by   Catsrule16
    The term body buddy is not one I have herad before. Sounds like you are refering to bolsters that keep a resident from rolling out of bed. If a resident doesn't want it, even if it is a physician's order.... DOCUMENT everything! Document on the cognitive status of the resident, any conversations with family members, etc. If the resident is cognitively intact, make sure you have informed them of the risks vs benefits of what they are refusing.
  5. by   merricat
    you rock! thank you so much. a "body buddy" is a restraint that fits into the arms of a wheelchair-- like a big cushion. i work in long term care, where there are probably way more of those than in a hospital.
  6. by   missmercy
    Yes! YES!! YES!!! Not only can the state inpsectors appear at any moment, but as of 2005, I believe JCAHO inspectors are planning unnannounced visits as well. It is a part of their continuous readiness philosophy. Not all bad -- I mean I love to be caught doing something right -- and it sure does encourage us to stay on our toes -- but it can certainly be unnerving!