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To summarize my current situation, I graduated nursing school in May 2005, passed boards June 2005, and began working part time Sept 2005 at a local LTC facility. Apparently after one years time,... Read More

  1. by   missnursiepooh
    what's a raise? (just kidding)
  2. by   Todd SPN
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    So ... all in all ... 3% is fairly typical, but not outstanding. If you like your job, keep it. An additional 1 or 2% is not worth leaving a good job for. If you hate your job, then leave. No amount of money is worth being miserable for. Life is too short. A few percent shouldn't be what determines your decision.
    I posted about a week ago about payscales. I have been limited to 3% annually. I found out that most of fellow students I graduated with have received COLAs. I also found out that my facility has had to change their payscale in order to attract new hires. But they did not bring up the wages of those that have been there. What this means to my situation is with 3 years experience, I am making $1.50 less than the new grads they are hiring. When I asked for a raise I was told how happy they are with my work, but we aren't going to give you any more money. I got myself a new job today with an increase in pay. I was miserable training new hires that were making more than me.