Burning out after almost 25 years

  1. I've been in ltc for almost 25years and I hate to say it but I'm tired. I'm an LPN on a 20-25 bed unit working with 2 nursing assistants. I know this sounds like a small unit to some of you, but it is the behavior of the residents that make it so hard. I have 2 residents that frequently need 1:1 (remember there are only 3 of us on this unit), so I am often passing meds while having a resident sit in a wc by my cart, or having a resident behind the desk while I do my charting. I also have a resident who likes to throw food, so I end up with my scrubs decorated to the point that my RN supervisor asked me one time if I wore my scrubs while painting because of all the splatters. I have 2 residents who are very physically agressive, and feel it is a good day if I leave without a new scratch or bruise. On top of this I have a resident who will turn the call bell on--and if not answered within 30 seconds begins to scream like her hair is on fire. The rest of my residents are the typical mix of physically/mentally/cognitively impaired adults we are all used to.

    Despite all this, there are still moments that I would not give this up for the world. I do love my residents, I just don't know how much longer I can physically/mentally take this.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Don't tell me to talk to the supervisor/administrator---I've tried, and was told if I can't handle it I should look for another job.
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  3. by   WldChrry
    I don't really have any advice for you, all I can say is that I know how you feel. I applaud you for working in LTC for so long-it is a very hard job mentally and physically. I think maybe you should try out another area of nursing before you burn out and lose your passion for nursing all together.