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  1. Hi everyone!

    I am looking for what your experience has been using a barcode emar? I recently got hired into an ltc facility that is implementing this sytem. We are using Catalyst EMAR. I am personally finding that with this emar, it is VERY SLOW to use, as compared to another EMAR that I am using at another facility, PointClickCare, that does not use a barcode scanner. The nurses have mentioned how slow the system is, but their voices have unfortunately not been heard. Maybe it's due to the internet being slow?

    With the Catalyst EMAR, I feel that there is so much extra crud on the screen and I am not able to view all the medications that are due within the timeframe, unlike pointclickcare. With PointClickCare, I AM able to view ALL medications that are to be given within the timeframe and the view is nicer because the meds are just on the bottom of the screen, no extra stuff.

    Are there any videos out there on how to administer meds using barcode scanners for EMAR the right way? I feel that with the barcode scanning I am passing meds by memory which someone on this site discouraged because med orders change. I scan the meds, computer asks if I want to go to the resident. I hit enter for ok. The meds load up and I compare the meds on the mar, scroll down the page to make sure that I don't miss any meds, hit enter after administration. It's switching between 20-33 residents and scrolling down to make sure that i didnt miss any meds which is so time consuming
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