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  1. I would love to chat with any one who works in A Nursing Home

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  3. by   Heather27
    Hey Koala...
    Would be willing to chat with you about working in a nursing home -- or about anything else for that matter! Email address is in my profile...Drop me a note!
  4. by   Yandina
    Dear Koala
    I work in aged care as an RN on the Sunshine Coast. If you would like to write check my profile for an email message. Iwould love to hear how you go, who you work for as there appears to be differences in staffing and responsibilities from one place to another. Also have you a no lift policy and how was it put inot place.
  5. by   clawrence
    I worked in Long-term care for 2 years and I am currently taking a course on "Care of the Older Adult". I am interested in
    discussing the pros and cons of having people with Alzheimers in a seperate unit VS not having a seperate unit,
    The literature supports both philosophies.

  6. by   DSmith
    I have recently gone back to long term care. I work in a specialty unit we take ventilator residents and more acutely ill. Would love to chat with anyone, its nice to share information and bounce ideas off others. You can check my profile for e-mail address. Look forward to chatting.
  7. by   laura
    I have been working for almost a year on the skilled/medicare unit. Would love to chat. Check out profile for email address
  8. by   BethanyJ
    I've worked in medicare/skilled units for a little over a year and would love to chat! It would be great to swap ideas and concerns regarding the geriatric field. Drop me a line!