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Did anyone get accepted into Georgia State University??? Is it hard to get in??:o


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My daughter will begin the accelerated program in the fall. There were 35 i believe accepted into that program and about the same in the traditional one. Yes, just like all nursing schools it is difficult to get in. If you look on the school website it has a page that shows the previous classes admittance statistics.


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i am currently attending ga state and I was talking to my friend who already has gotten into the program, and i was discouraged because there is this guy in my abnormal psych class who is always saying that oh well you need like a 3.7 to get into the program and he had gotten denied twice. What I was told by her was that she said having at least a 3.4 is good but your NET scores need to be better. Basically if you don't do so well in one area excel in another. The statistics says the GPA is a 3.6 but if you think about it there has to be some high grades and some low grades that are factored in to make that GPA what it is. Hope this helps (sorry so long) :)


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A 3.4 only is awesome but I guess your TEAS have to better just to

give you that edge well I want to get in and nothings going to stand in my way.

Hey you can get in just because that guy didn't get in doesn't mean you can't maybe HE was doing something

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