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Georgia RN Schools?

WenDu WenDu (New) New

I live in the Atlanta area, I will like to start applying for RN Degree programs. does anyone know of any accredited schools that offer this program and which ones will you recommend. Please any advice, suggestion and comment will be appreciated. I am new to all these, and I will like to get as much information I can about each schools in-terms of School Fees, Financial Aid, Program start date, etc. :nurse:please leave your thoughts below

Have you ever heard of GOOGLE? If I were in your position, that would be my first step. The Georgia Board of Nursing would be the other logical place to see which schools are accredited in the Gerater Atlanta Area.


I'm really curious if anyone does basic research on their own anymore or simply turn to blogs and forums requesting that other people do the leg work for them. The internet has all the information you need and that information is only a few keystrokes away. Frankly, I think you are just plain lazy to look up information for yourself. Life is not about being spoon fed information. It will take you a minute to get the information you need via the internet....why start such a useless thread. Also, this forum has a tremendous about of information on Accredited Atlanta Nursing Schools just by using the search function. I can't think of any other profession that has this type of resources that is so readily available to professional and aspiring nurses. SMH