Georgia Piedemont Technical College in Georgia!


Im intersted in Georgia Piedemont Technical College LPN program but before atteneding I would like to know if this school transfer credits after graduating I will be looking into LPN-RN Bridge Programs and NEED to know. Also I would like to know is the TEAS test hard & will I be taking this test before starting the program or after my prerequisites..Im new to Georgia & Any Info is Helpful. THANKS:yes:


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I'll be applying for the GPTC program starting in the Spring, so hopefully I can answer some of your questions. Technical college credits (from schools within the Technical College System of GA) will transfer to colleges within the University System of GA so long as the class has an equivalent. So basically if you take General Psychology at a tech school it will transfer if the college you want to transfer that credit to offers General Psychology. There are some classes that are offered only at technical colleges. I assume those credits will not transfer since there is no equivalent course. I have attended a tech college, community college, and a university (all in Georgia) and have not had any issue transferring credits. If you're interested in a specific bridge program I would contact them directly and ask questions about how they specifically deal with transfer credits from LPN programs.

Whether or not the TEAS is hard depends on you. Some people think it's fairly straight forward and not all that difficult. Some people find it extremely challenging. I would recommend taking a look at the ATI TEAS study guide. That will give you a better idea of the content.

At GPTC the TEAS is taken after you complete your prerequisites but before you start the nursing program. Your GPA and TEAS score is what's used to determine who is accepted into the program. Have you taken a look at the school's website for the LPN program? It really outlines the process you need to go through and lists the pre-req courses you need to take. Also, contact information is given for faculty you can contact with any questions. They've been extremely helpful with all the questions I've had.