Who wants to go to Emory? Summer 2013 ABSN/MSN

  1. To anyone else who put in an application to Emory this fall and is anxiously awaiting news from the office of admissions: let's wait together! Only about 8 weeks until this seemingly impossible wait will be coming to an end...

    I don't know much about the program at Emory, but I have heard only glowing word-of-mouth reviews, and the admissions staff have come across as warm and supportive. I am especially impressed by the school's focus on social responsibility. Is it crazy to fall in love with a school sight unseen? What are your own reasons for applying to Emory?

    I would also love to hear from current or former students about your experiences there. How are the group dynamics among students and with professors? Has studying there taught you how to apply nursing skills to community outreach/development?
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  3. by   Kcoleman1
    I am applying to Emory's BSN fall 2013 program .
  4. by   lindsay999
    I am applying to the absn/msn also! I have not seen Emory yet either but I want to go there so badly!! 8 weeks AH! I haven't counted yet but that makes me so much more nervous. Good luck!
  5. by   HealthEnthusiast
    Hi kcoleman and lindsay!

    Lindsay- Thanks and good luck to you too! What specialty have you chosen? I applied to the nurse midwifery program.
  6. by   lindsay999
    I applied to the pediatric primary care program. How many other schools are you applying to? Is this your first application cycle? I'm aiming to apply to 6 and I have no idea what to expect!
  7. by   FingersCross'd
    Hey Everyone!

    I applied for the pediatric NP program for the ABSN/MSN and I am so excited! These next 8 weeks are going to be a difficult wait!

    Just out of curiousity; have any of you taken the TEAS test yet? I had never heard of it before Emory sent me a letter a month or so ago about it.

    Good luck to all!
  8. by   HealthEnthusiast
    I'm just applying to Emory, Johns Hopkins, and Virginia Commonwealth. It's my first time applying anywhere since I did Peace Corps right after undergrad and just got back 4 weeks ago. I really have no idea what to expect either. It's so hard to judge how competitive the schools are, but I'm just trying to trust that if this doesn't work out then there is another path that is meant for me. (This is the path I want though!) If I do get into Emory (my first choice) or JHU (#2) then I will definitely need some kind of scholarship since I just spent two years on roughly $8/day.

    I took the TEAS at the community college where I am going to finish my prerequisite courses. I hadn't heard of it either because it seems to be a more southern thing. I'm from Virginia, where a lot of associate's programs require it but no BSN programs do. Were you able to take it before the priority deadline?
  9. by   FingersCross'd
    They did not give me enough time to get it in before the deadline. But they said they will review my application on the condition that I agree to take the TEAS test if accepted. I was really caught off guard with it because they didn't list it as a requirement initially in September, when I applied.

    Oh well I, too, believe that if it doesn't work put, it wasn't meant to be. I also applied to JHU and VCU, so maybe we will see eachother around!
  10. by   HealthEnthusiast
    Oh good; I'm glad they understand. It sounds like it won't affect your admission, but if you're wondering, I found the TEAS to be a lot easier than the GRE - especially the math. At my CC library, I found an online review book, so I didn't have to spend any money on top of paying $35 for the test.

    Exactly one month until they release decisions! Do you all know how they will contact us?
  11. by   FingersCross'd
    Only one month?! You're right! I read "February" instead of January. A 4 week wait is better than 8 So nervous and excited!
  12. by   FingersCross'd
    I assume they will contact us via email like the other schools. However, when they notified me of missing materials (TEAS), it was only through snail mail. So I guess it could be either way?
  13. by   HealthEnthusiast
    Come to think of it, we will probably be able to just see the decision on OPUS on 1/25. Though perhaps anticlimactic compared to a phone call or letter, that would be convenient.

    Are any of you applying to the scholar/fellowships? I'm planning to apply for the Fuld Fellowship, but I don't know much about the Robert Woodruff Scholarship. Anyone know anything about it? I think it would be difficult to write about how I'd improve the quality of health care delivery as someone who doesn't yet work as a nurse...Oh well, it can't hurt to try I suppose.
  14. by   FingersCross'd
    I just chatted yesterday with an admissions coordinater about my application and she said that we should be finding out next week some time. If we are accepted, we will be getting a phone call. If we are not accepted, we get a letter in the mail (no email, bummer). We can also sign into OPUS to see the admissions decision, but she didn't give me a specific date.

    Sooooo nervous!