Which Atlanta hospitals do you like?

  1. Hello all,
    I think I will be moving to Atlanta (from Washington D.C.) after I graduate with my BSN this May 2004. Which hospitals in Atlanta would you recommend as having a good preceptor/new grad program? I'm considering the areas of Med Surg, O.R. and spinal cord /neuro. Sorry, I like them all.

    I'm not big on commute time so something inside the city would be preferable. Which hospitals do you feel truly value their nurses? Do the hospitals you recommend actively promote (corporate ladder) their nurses? What are the patient ratios like? Are they technologically oriented? Are they ethnically diverse in terms of staff and clients? Pay is important, but teamwork means much more on my list

    Any feedback would be helpful.
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  3. by   PreggersRN
    For all the RN's who have worked at Northside Hospital, does this hospital have a NICU or special care nursery. I am thinking about relocating to ATL and would like to know which hospitals are good for NICU or special care nurseries.