West Ga Tech ASN Spring 2018

  1. Greetings Everyone,

    I am applying to the ASN program for the deadline of Septemeber 1,2017 and wanted to meet other people applying to the program. Anyone else applying to the program? and if so, what was your competitive GPA and Teas score.
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  3. by   AnAJmom
    I applied! I made an 81.2 on my Teas with a 3.29 GPA.
    What are your scores?
  4. by   Future_Nurse123
    Thank you for responding to my post. I have an 84% on my Tea, but my competitive GPA was a 3.12. I wished it was higher, but I am hoping I still have a chance.
  5. by   AnAJmom
    I wish mine would have been a bit higher as well. Our competitive scores should be about the same though!
    I submitted my application today. The lady I spoke with said we should hear some preliminary information in about two weeks.
  6. by   Future_Nurse123
    That's good to hear. I applied two weeks ago and was advised that its based upon the number of the students that apply to the program. I think we both have a chance honestly. If I come across any updates, I will let you know.
  7. by   Future_Nurse123
    I got my competitive score back. Did you?
  8. by   Future_Nurse123
    CORRECTION: I got my RN Composite Score. Did you?
  9. by   AnAJmom
    Yes!! I just saw it. 82.4. I really wished it was just one point higher but oh well!! These next 3 week as are going to drag by!!
    How was your score?
  10. by   Future_Nurse123
    Funny enough I got an 82.20. I knew our scores would be really close
  11. by   AnAJmom
    Oh my! That is so close! hopefully we did well enough!!
    I wish more people would join. I want to know how the other applicants did.
  12. by   AnAJmom
    Did you get an email about an information session?
  13. by   Future_Nurse123
    Yes - I got my email. Which session are you attending?
  14. by   AnAJmom
    I am going to the morning session.