waitlisted at Emory SON?

  1. since starting college it's been my goal to eventually get into emorys school of nursing. i applied in late december for fall 2012 and i got my decision letter back yesterday saying although i did meet the requirements the number of applicants far exceeded the number of spaces and that if i want i can decide to get placed on their waiting list. I was extremely bummed out and i even cried but i realized that although now my chances of getting in are slim i at least still have a chance. So i wanted to know if anyone else placed on the waiting list in the past and eventually got accepted?or if anyone is currently on Emory's waiting list right now?
    Im applying to other schools as backup however i put so much focus on emory that silly me didnt consider what i would do if i didnt get in *sigh
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    Moved to GA Nursing Programs for more of a response.
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    I was as well... looks like we just have to wait lol