Trying for Gwinnett Tech Fall 2013 - page 7

So I am trying to get into gwinnett techs fall of 2013 class and i just wanted to start a forum for us to support each other and for info. I still have a couple pre reqs to take but im hoping to do... Read More

  1. by   Laatra
    That is really true. However helping each other will benefit all of us. I believe in this philosophy:"Whatever you do good or bad, comes back to you soon or late!".
    Hi Laatra, I'm using the 3rd Edition. I actually checked it out from GPC library, so u might try that as well,or you can buy it from Barnes and Noble bookstore. Yes, it is very beneficial.
  3. by   Laatra
    Thank you keep
    Laatr, U r very welcome.
  5. by   Laatra
    Hi Keep
    I started brushing the Science part, Math looks okay as well as Science despite the huge amount of knowledge in it; however I don't have any idea how to prepare for Reading and Writing !
    Do you have any clue? If so please let me know. I also want to know if you are interested to meet at any library to talk about the test and go through the science and Math part together. I live in Suwanee, Sugarloaf Pkwy and Peachtree Industrial!
    Hi laatra i will b more than happy to study together. I live in snellville. Is it okay if we meet at gwinnett tech?
  7. by   Laatra
    Yes it is a good idea I let you chose the date and the time, thank you for replying.
    We can start as early as tommorrow , if thats okay, cos time is not on our side.
  9. by   Laatra
    Okay at what time?
  10. by   Laatra
    Yes you are right at what time you want us to meet and where exactly?
  11. by   Laatra
    Keep, just email me at: I will then send you my phone #
    Ok i will
  13. by   aalewine
    Received my email today! I was so excited!