Shepherd Center Nurse Extern Program

  1. Hello All, I just finished my 3rd semester of nursing, and I applied for a nurse externship at Shepherd Center in Atlanta a while ago for the summer. I haven't heard anything and I know orientation starts June 3rd. I really don't know anything about their selection process, and would really like to know when I could expect to hear something? I don't want to be a pest by contacting the recruiter, I'm afraid that might be looked at negatively. So I'm looking to connect with nursing students or nurses who might have previously gone through this program. If I don't get selected will they contact me to let me know I'm not a candidate or is it like any other job where if you don't hear from them then you weren't selected? Also do they contact you by phone or mail if you are a candidate?

    Also, if anybody has done this program I would love to hear about the experience you had there. I'm interested in this type of nursing, so I want to do this program so I can see how I like it. Has anybody done the nurse extern program and then gotten hired on as a new graduate? Any help would be immensely appreciated!
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  3. by   CAllen44
    I can't comment about the Shepherd Center specifically (except to say I know they do amazing work), but I think you should call the recruiter to follow up. I've gotten a few jobs over other candidates because I continued to follow up and really show interest in the position. There is a way to do it without going overboard, while still showing interest. Good luck with everything!
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    Thank you Letsgomets31, well a couple days after I posted this I received a letter stating that I am not a candidate. Just makes me kind of sad since I'm such a hard worker and have excellent grades and good letters of references from my instructors. I'm not sure what makes them select one person over another. However, in an effort to make lemonade out of lemons I applied for a tech position. My friend who is also a nurse told me that it helps if you want to get hired as a new grad to work at that place. So hopefully I will get a call back from HR. Does anyone have advice about how to follow up without being a pest? Is a phone call, email, or letter best? What should I say and how long should I wait?
  5. by   CAllen44
    I think I generally waited about a week after my interview to call and say, "Hi, this is Letsgomets31. I interviewed with you on this date for this position, and I just wanted to follow up and see if you have any more information at this time." I feel like it shows you are really interested and motivated to get the job, so you will probably be a motivated worker when they hire you. I find that usually I would get a response along the lines of, "We'll contact you by this date." If that date came and went with no news, if get in touch with them again. "Just wanted to follow up" is my favorite phrase. I feel like it shows interest without demanding an answer. Maybe there are recruiters out there who would disagree, but hey - I'm employed! Good luck!