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  1. Hello! I'm considering moving to Georgia for my first RN job. Does anyone have any opinions/information on Memorial University Medical Center and St. Joseph's in Savannah or University Hospital in Augusta? I would really appreciate any information!
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  3. by   tiCUrn02
    I worked at Memorial for almost 7 years. Mainly in the critical care areas. I cant say enough great thinks about Memorial! Its a real team spirit at memorial! The nurses have so much autonomy there, and they really go out of the way to make it easy to do your job and do it well ( ie. Minimizing paperwork, very high tech up-to-date equipment, and everything is done on the computer). It is a teaching hospital that have plenty of residents and hospitalists on call at night. The management in my area have heads on there shoulders and is awesome with scheduling and staffing... They will actually transfer your patient for you if you need them to! I only say all this bc I just recently moved to the atl area for my husbands job and MISS Memorial deeply, not so crazy about my job now.... If you cant tell. I actually still work at memorial as casual and am willing to drive 4 hours to keep working there!
  4. by   mshessle
    Thanks for the feedback. Any advice on how to set my application apart at Memorial? I haven't had any luck so far, but would love the opportunity to even interview at Memorial.