Registration for Fall ASN through NGCSU at Lanier Tech

  1. I will be starting the ASN program through NGCSU in the Fall at the Lanier Tech campus. I am a little panicked because I have not been advised or registered for any classes yet. I was going by the orientation letter that said advisement and registration would be on August 16th. Is there anyone else out there not registered yet? I'm a nervous wreck that I missed something somehow...
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  3. by   summerbp
    Hi there,

    I'm attending NGCSU through Gainesville State, and I'm in the same boat as you! All I'm going from is the letter. I thought I'd read somewhere to expect emails over the summer, but I haven't gotten any. Sometimes I let myself freak out about it, and sometimes I remind myself that if they were to send an email, it might not be until closer to time.

    It would have been nice to hear something after getting the packet together in May, though...
  4. by   gatechgirl
    I talked to my advisor and we will be registered on Aug. 16th. The only thing that we needed to do in the spring was actually confirm our acceptance by the March deadline that was stated in the acceptance letter. I'm sure we will learn more at orientation on the 11th. Good luck!
  5. by   ashleno
    Did I overlook somewhere that orientation was on the 11th? I never received any communication after I turned in all the items on my checklist? I went ahead and registered early, because I didn't know otherwise? Was there a letter about orientation?
  6. by   summerbp
    The information was part of the initial acceptance packet from back in March (or whenever you got it.) Orientation IS on August 11th, this Thursday, from 9:00am--4:00pm and it's at the main campus in Dahlonega. We're supposed to go to the HNS building and follow the signs!
  7. by   ashleno
    That's crazy, I rechecked the initial letter (dated Feb.25th) and didn't see anything. I haven't received ANY correspondence since I sent in all the items from the checklist. Wierd?
  8. by   summerbp
    I haven't either. I've gone back and forth worrying about it, but I guess we'll find out anything on Thursday!
  9. by   gatechgirl
    Any particular dress code for tomorrow? Does anyone know if we are supposed to bring anything with us?
  10. by   summerbp
    The only dress code I know of is NGC's official dress code, which of course is pretty normal. I was thinking nice-casual, just for meeting professors, etc. Make a good, semi-professional impression. And I don't think we have to bring anything, but I'm sure a notepad wouldn't hurt.
  11. by   ashleno
    I have no idea, I asked, but no one ever answered, all I got was "Orientation will be held this Thursday, August 11th from 9:00 to 4:00 pm. It will be held in the HNS Building Room 232"