Questions about licensure process

  1. Hi all....
    I'm graduating this December!!! So far none of the faculty at my school has talked to us about the process for taking the NCLEX and getting a GA RN license, so I figured that maybe you guys could help.

    Can I register for the NCLEX prior to graduation, or will I need to have my diploma in hand in order to register??
    I've heard lots of stories about having long wait times, but what really determines when you get to take the test??
    Once you pass the NCLEX, then what happens? Can you then apply for the license?
    How long does the whole process (graduation to licensure) usually take??

    I'm sure the faculty might cover this in my leadership class in the fall, butI'm just one of those folks that need to know things ahead of time. Thanks in advance!!!
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  3. by   mobro
    i just graduated in may and the process went like this:
    before graduation we had all our paperwork filled out. (there's an entire application for taking the NCLEX). got a money order for the $200 fee and got our fingerprints taken/background checks. then we had to wait until about two weeks post graduation for our transcripts to arrive and then we could send off the fee/application/transcripts. about two or three weeks after that i got an email with the ATT (authorization to test) and it gives you instructions to sign up online for a test date. you have the option to pay an extra $8 to get your results in two days instead of however long it normally would take. after you pass the test you are officially an RN and your license will post to the ga board of nursing. (that's my understanding). and maybe you get an actual license in the mail...? it gets a little fuzzy for me since i just got my test date yesterday and have not finished the process yet.

    good luck and congrats on almost being done!