On the Alternates list at Augusta State University with a 3.00 GPA :/

  1. Hello everyone! I applied to Augusta State University for their Fall 2012 nursing program. The first week of April I received a letter stating that I was selected as an alternate. I am done with all of my core classes. I spoke with my nursing adviser and she said that I have a 3.00 nursing GPA. I asked her about re taking some classes over and she told me that she does not recommend me taking anything over. The nursing department does not tell anyone what their alternate number is. I am so depressed. I don't know what to do. All I know is Augusta State accepted 50 to 55 students for Fall 2012. I have no idea how many alternates were selected. Any advice will be helpful. Thanks
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  3. by   Wing N' A Prayer
    Not really advice----just wanted to let you know that you are not alone! I've also been placed on the alternate list for entry into the nursing program at ASU. August 20 is an awfully LONG and stressful time to sit and wonder if you'll ever get accepted (fingers crossed though). If you pray, pray for me as well...I'll leave a special place in my prayer for you too. Good luck!
  4. by   Success88
    Finally I have meet someone!!!! Have you heard anything? What was your GPA? Do you know how many people they accept?
  5. by   Wing N' A Prayer
    My gpa is a 2.95...i got c's in all of my science courses except for Chem 1151/52 and Biol 1107 (the bio class isn't even a requirement tho). On top of that, I got c's in history, psych 2103, and poli sci. As you can see, my outcome probably would've been a little different had my academic performance been better, but at this point all I can do is hope! I called the nursing office and received DEVASTSTING news=apparently they've already pulled some alternates but there's still a "chance" as I was told. However no information was released to me about the number of people accepted or even the number of people on the waiting list. That's a little harsh considering this is our futures...don't you think it might be a little helpful to have SOME KIND OF idea about our odds of being chosen gosh!
  6. by   Success88
    OMG! When did you find out this information? Did you do all of your core classes at ASU? August 20th is a long time!!! I hope we both get in! My academic performance could have been a lot better too, but I have to work. I just can't quit my job how most people do with 4.0's lol.
  7. by   Wing N' A Prayer
    About a week ago, shortly after I first commented on your post. But yea I took all of my core classes at ASU, and you are absolutely right, that is an extremely long time. Patience isn't even in my vocabulary right now lol
  8. by   Success88
    I wonder how many alternates are on the list
  9. by   Success88
    Do you know anyone else that is on the list?
  10. by   Wing N' A Prayer
    Nope just you lol! How about u?
  11. by   Success88
    I know one other person...what was your TEAS test score? I hated that test...I scored at a 69
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    I didn't really understand how to read the score. It said I did exceptional though (I think) lol
  13. by   Success88
    Hello! Have you heard anything yet?
  14. by   Destined for Success
    Hey I"m sorry for the late reply but the site was TOTALLY not cooperating with me lol! I forgot my password and I had them resend a new password, but every time I tried to log in with the new password it just wouldn't work. So as you see, I'm here under a different username. But FINALLY I've heard back from them and I was excited when I received by packet today saying I'd been ACCEPTED!!! I am sooooooooo happy...this is nothing but God's blessings and the faith that my family and boyfriend had for me even when I didn't believe in myself. But enough of me lol have you heard anything as of yet?