New grad relocating to Atlanta in January

  1. Hello everyone! I'm graduating from nursing school in December and am moving to Atlanta in January. I have limited knowledge of the hospitals in the area. Is there anyone who lives in Atlanta and works as an RN? I currently work as a student at a trauma center in Baltimore and I really enjoy that type of work so I am primarily interested in trauma, emergency, and critical care.
    Can anyone give me information on what the RN job market is like in Atlanta? Additionally, do any hospitals in the area provide new grad RN programs? I have begun researching but I would love to hear from people who are currently working in Atlanta.
    I'm also concerned about applying for jobs out of state. If I apply for a job and am out of state, will it be more difficult to be considered for a position? I plan on taking the NCLEX in Georgia to avoid any additional fees. This is a whole new experience for me and I don't now where to start.

    Thanks for any input!
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    I just graduated in May and decided to move to Atlanta from Philly because I thought I would have a better chance to find a job here. My search is over because I found a job at Grady so I thought I'd pass some info on to you. Below is a list of residencies that I found (Some aren't full names but with a quick Google search you'll figure it out). Some are in other areas of GA but no less than 1hr and 30mins from Atlanta is you don't mind commuting.

    Nurse Residencies in the Atlanta area

    Emory/St.Joseph's-Apply for both on Emory's website
    Grady Memorial
    Childeren's Healthcare of Atlanta
    Atlanta Medical Center
    Shepard Center
    Delkalb Medical
    Newton Medical
    Southern Regional

    I hope this helps you and feel free to ask me any questions!
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