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  1. Hey guys I would first like to say that I love this board
    and secondly I am just looking for a little moral support from everyone. I am a new grad nurse who is blessed to have my dream job at my dream hospital. I passed NCLEX on the first try with only 75 questions and am on cloud 9.
    HOWEVER I have a major problem. I was accused of a crime was that I was not guilty of when I was a teenager, and although the charges were dropped fairly quickly it is still on my record. I am now awaiting the BON decision on if I get my license or not and I'm really stressed out about it. I feel like they will most likely give me the license since its not drug related or moral or anything, but I'm just worried about how long its going to take and I'm about to go crazy with stress. A classmate of mine had a similar issue and her issue was resolved within 3 weeks but my boss told me that it once took someone 9 months. and I dont have 9 months. not only do I no longer have any savings to live off of, ( I dont make enough as an extern to make ends meet)
    BUT in addition to that I only have 90 days to get my license before I lose my job. and 30 days have passed already.
    I know I can find another job if I lose this one but I LOVE my job and I dont want to lose it
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  3. by   knittingknurse
    Sorry you're having this issue. Be sure to be open with your new manager about the situation. Don't let them find out about it down the road. And congratulations on your dream job!