Macon State College Fall 2012 BSN

  1. Hello! I am starting this thread because I would like any infomation about MSCs BSN program. How competitive is acceptance? Anybody else applying for this semester too? Any current MSC students out there? What advice do you have to share? Thanks and good luck.
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  3. by   kemal
    Hello. I'm going to be applying to MSC BSN program for the Fall as well. Have you already applied to the nursing program?
  4. by   cjlawson5
    what are you guys gpa and teas scores?
  5. by   smaria2012
    Quote from kemal
    Hello. I'm going to be applying to MSC BSN program for the Fall as well. Have you already applied to the nursing program?
    Yes, I applied a few days ago, and you? My overall GPA is 3.47 and TEAS 83.
  6. by   kemal
    Yes, actually I applied today. My overal gpa is 3.12 and haven't taken the TEAS. How was your experience with taking the TEAS?
  7. by   MedicalMinded
    I applied too. 2.9 gpa 83 on teas. I hope I have a chance at getn in.
  8. by   cjlawson5
    i havent applied yet but planning on it.. i made a 79 on my teas. i hope i get in too! Good Luck :-)
  9. by   cjlawson5
    i just realized this was a BSN post and i am applying to the ASN program. But curious to know how many days a week do the BSN program meet? and how long is it?
  10. by   kemal
    Can anyone give any advice on the teas? Ive been studying the manual and practice questions that are provided in the book, but that last time I took science was 7 years ago so I'm a littler nervous. Any advice??
  11. by   MedicalMinded
    Kemal the study manual is exactly wat u need to do gud on da teas. Dnt stress its not bad.
  12. by   kemal
    Ok thanks I've been worrying about this test. Hopfully, I will do good because I definetly dont remember that much in science. Have you applied to the program?
  13. by   MedicalMinded
    Kemal yes I have applied now im playn the waitn game. an jus go over the science portion of the manual very well an u will b fine.
  14. by   Kmariemurry
    Hello everyone i am new to this site, just trying to gather information about the BSN program.

    I am currently a Medical Technician, in the USAF,and a full time student. I am Active Duty and trying to seperate, but the only way i can get put is if im going to something better. I didnt do too well my first 2 semsters of college but i never failed or recieved a D in any of my classes. My GPA isnt the best and i had to retake the TEAS test, unfortunately. i am just hoping for a chance at doing what i love. I have already applied for the Program im just waiting on results.

    I wish everyone the best of luck!